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Plot :The plot revolves around the lives of six students, Vod, Oregon, Josie, Kingsley, JP and Howard, who are freshers(with the exception of Howard) at the fictional Manchester Medlock University, Manchester. They live in a shared house off-campus in Rusholmerather than university halls of residence, due to their late application. Main themes include Oregon's insecurity and failed relationship with her lecturer, Tony Shales, Vod's hedonistic, care-free lifestyle, Josie and Kingsley's tortured relationship, JP's attempts at popularity and impressing girls, and Howard's many eccentricities. On a larger scale, the series covers many student-related issues, including financial issues, work pressures and grades, expulsion, partying, and internship competition.
Cast : Zawe Ashton,Greg McHugh,Kimberley Nixon,Charlotte Ritchie
Genres : Comedy-drama
Runtime : 41m
Season 04
Season 03


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